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CEO | Co-Founder

Joseph combines a background in management consultancy with considerable expertise in strategic IT management in the banking and telecommunications sectors.


He holds a BSC in Software Systems and four MSCS, including an MBA from Manchester Business School.



COO | Co-Founder

Niall has a background in software design and development. He has led numerous award-winning apps and platforms, including an application for K-12 students in the US, used by over a million students.


Before founding his own companies, Niall worked in over 40 countries and oversaw the growth of 3 products for a leading Irish bank.



Ben’s main areas of expertise include distributed systems architecture, software development, interface design and user experience.


Before AID:Tech, he worked as Lead Technical Architect at the Fiscal Management and Municipalities division at the Inter-American Development Bank and as a Senior Technical consultant for the World Bank’s Domestic Resource Mobilization group.



AI Technical Advisor

Trained as a cognitive neuroscientist, Sasha received his BA and PhD from Cambridge. His unique academic background has enabled him to develop the blockchain and cognitive computing architecture at AID:Tech.


Here he has also created numerous libraries for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – currently deployed in production environments.


Director of Engineering

With a career that spans nearly twenty-five years of management, implementation and development of leading-edge technologies in the private and public sectors, Pietro's key expertise is linked to the ability to successfully lead digital transformation of complex organizations linking technology and strategic goals.


Head of Design (UI/UX)

Hubert is an experienced and passionate UX designer with a great track record of delivering user-focused products and applications. He has over 20 years’ industry experience and has worked with a wide range of sectors.


At AID:Tech, he is building and leading the design team, as well as guiding the vision and design strategy for identity-focused solutions that enable people to own, control and manage their own data.

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Product Designer

Daniel is a full stack designer, a problem solver by nature and  a branding consultant. He has over  15 years of experience working on visual communication for several leading brands.


He is being specialized in User Interface and Interaction, Brand Creation, Digital Illustration and Motion Graphics.



Director of Solution Architecture

Shane is the Director of Solution Architecture at AID:Tech where he is responsible for supporting systems architecture design and delivery, ensuring we maximise business value for our customers.


Shane brings approximately 21 years of software development experience to his role at AID:Tech, including 8 years of enterprise and solution architecture experience across educational, fintech and aviation industries.


Full Stack Developer

With a specialization in Data Science, Ciaran works across the stack to help deliver AID:Tech's key products.


His focus is on working to deliver solutions that affect meaningful change while applying cutting-edge tech to socially responsible use-cases.


Product Owner

Niall brings a background in product management, SaaS, and strategy to his perspectives on product management. He's been working in the product space for over 10 years.


Prior to working with AID:Tech, he helped launch successful products to the education sector and was responsible for a hospital healthcare product in the US, Australian and Middle East markets.


Operations Manager

Conor has a background in the Insurance Industry. With over a decade of experience in relation to commercial and general insurance and a Certified
Insurance Practitioner from the Irish Insurance Institute.

An experienced quality driven Back Office and Micro Finance loans specialist.


Senior Software Engineer

Luca has 26 years of experience as engineer for multinational software
houses. He wrote software for the fintech, insurtech, logistic and
telecom industries where he contributed in the development of AI,
Blockchain and Computing Fabric products.

He brings his experience in AID:Tech to develop the company's portfolio
of products.

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