Disbursements for Disaster Relief

AID:Tech’s TransparencyEngine Technology Enables Fast & Instant Disbursements to Survivors Via Digital ID

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Applications & User Management

Status View

View event by status e.g. Pending, Accepted, Rejected

Event Management

Create events in response to disaster situations like Hurricanes, Flooding & Wildfires

Form Builder

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Enables case managers to create custom flows and forms when applying for relief

Mobile View

Available for survivors on any mobile operating system like iOS & Android

Virtual Debit Card & Spend Controls

Spend Controls

Send virtual cards instantly, top up with funds and apply spend controls e.g. user’s can’t purchase alcohol, tobacco, firearms

Digital Wallet Support

Send Virtual cards directly to Kare Survivor Wallet and Apple Pay & Google Pay

Digital Wallet for Survivors

Find supports near you

Uses GPS location to find supports near user. Apply for assistance within app and receive relief directly to wallet

Receive & Spend Funds

Receive funds and supports directly to wallet. Funds available to spend on debit card, Apple Pay & Google Pay wallets.

Custom reports based on allocated funds

Reports dashboard

Overview of how funds are being allocated and spent


Share reports in numerous formats to multiple platforms

Identity Onramp to Payments

We bridge TradFi & DeFi by harnessing Digital Identity and payments infrastructure with partners Circle, Visa

Fulfilment by AID:Tech & Amazon

Disaster Relief supports sent to the right person at the right time

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What our clients say

We work with some of the biggest and best corporates, charities and funds int the world

“The best Disbursements platform, ever”

We first ran a hugely successful pilot with AID:Tech in Florida in 2018, and it opened up our eyes to the power of blockchain and how it can help us provide more disaster services faster. We’re grateful to work with AID:Tech and witness how new financial solutions can make a difference

Elizabeth Disco-Shearer
CEO of St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services