Disbursements via
Digital Identity


AID:Tech’s Kare Platform Enables
Fast & Instant Disbursements to Survivors Via Digital ID
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How it works

Digital Wallets
for survivors

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Virtual Visa Debit Card in your Wallet

Disaster Relief supports sent to the right person at the right time
Issue cards and create customizable payments in a matter of seconds
Minimise Fraud
Enable transaction-specific controls that prevent attempts to misuse the card
Eliminate Costs
Gain operational efficiencies with a more cost-effective payment solution

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AID:Tech & Amazon

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Elizabeth Disco-Shearer

CEO of St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services

Kare Platform has revolutionised how we provide disaster relief, and it has opened up our eyes to the power of Fintech and how it can help us provide quicker payouts. We're grateful to work with AID:Tech and witness how new financial solutions can make a difference

Jerremy Allaire


Collaborating with AID:Tech to power the delivery of relief payouts via USDC to people impacted by natural disasters and helping connect underserved individuals to financial means is extraordinarily rewarding

Mme. Christine Lagarde

President of The European Central Bank

AID:Tech brings transparency and account ability to the aid distribution landscape, the platform facilitates digital identity and the delivery of digital aid via innovative blockchain technology