AID:Tech was founded in 2014 and is incorporated in Ireland, Singapore, UK and USA.

AID:Tech's platform brings transparency and traceability to the distributions of resources by Governments, NGOs, Corporates and charities.

At the core of the AID:Tech platform is digital identity; enabling blockchain applications to bring access and inclusion to the underserved.

In partnership with leading governmental bodies, NGOs, corporates and charities, AID:Tech’s blockchain technology enables accessible, seamless and transparent delivery of data and payments directly to end-users.

AID:Tech was the first company in the world to deliver international aid using blockchain technology in 2015.

IBM No. 1 Global Startup 2017


Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur

AID:Tech Digital ID is the gateway to sustainable development; by offering end-users control and accessibility, and service providers with transparency and traceability.

Adhering to the World Bank’s principles on identification, the AID:Tech Digital ID is designed to be secure, reliable and sustainable. Each AID:Tech Digtial ID represents a blockchain wallet address, which is unique and documents every transaction associated with it.

When provisioned with AID:Tech Digital ID, users can receive, send and hold digital entitlements that are made available to them by client partners


Utilising innovative technologies, including decentralised digital identity and blockchain, AID:Tech has developed and deployed proven solutions for governments, corporates and NGOs. Blockchain becomes the key to securely and transparently capturing data. And, AID:Tech’s proprietary technology enables advances in the management and dissemination of data. In time, artificial intelligence and machine learning will play key roles in making data available in ways that benefit and empower organisations and users.

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