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To become celebrated, renowned, and even famous, are probably things that most people would like to achieve. To be celebrated and renowned for doing good is definitely something that every human strives to achieve, and make part of their identity. There is a Hawaiian word which embodies all of these things and it is ‘Kaulana’.

Kaulana is also the name of AID:Tech’s Volunteer & Earn application which enables Volunteers to get rewarded for their time, effort, energy and contributions. They also build an Onchain reputation simultaneously, and with more volunteerism comes more Kaulana!.

Right now In the United States, around 77.4 million men and women contributed 6.9 billion hours of service worth an estimated $194 billion in 2021. The work done by nearly 20 million volunteers in the United Kingdom accounts for almost 1% of the UK’s GDP.

Globally, there are 1 billion volunteers and 70% of volunteering occurs through informal peer-to-peer engagement and 30 percent takes place formally through non-profit organizations and other associations.

To add another perspective, one of the most recognizable non-profit organizations, the American Red Cross, has a workforce that is more than 90% volunteer. These volunteers on average respond to more than 60,000 disasters every year.

It is estimated that there are a billion volunteers worldwide. But here is the thing — zero percent of this time & value volunteered is ever captured. It’s literally an uncaptured market. Web3 will solve this and reward people for their time and effort.

Kaulana is built on AID:Tech’s Proof of Reputation Protocol (PoR). PoR is a decentralized ecosystem and Proof of Stake (PoS) Network designed to facilitate trust-based interactions of volunteers and organizations that rewards volunteering through proven state-of-the-art blockchain architecture and Volunteer And Earn (VAE) tokens.

AID:Tech will achieve two goals with this protocol:

  1. To develop a product that allows every internet user to create an Onchain real-world non-custodial digital reputation (owned by them alone, inaccessible to any 3rd party)
  2. To offer a seamless web3 wallet that captures people’s effort, time and impact to prove a person’s social value

PoR serves two purposes:

  1. To identify and reward users who have made volunteering contributions to the platform — a form of signalling, which those users can use to build a reputation with NFTs in the form of Decentralized Digital Identity.
  2. Enables volunteers to capture the value they have created and turn into an exchangeable currency (VAE Token) with which they can stake, shop, and donate.

More information will be released on Kaulana over the coming weeks and you can join the waitlist here: https://aid.technology/kaulana#waitlist

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Disclaimer: This article includes some forward-looking statements made in light of information available at the time of preparation. None of the statements made here are financial advice, always DYOR.

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