EMURGO, the Commercial Arm of Cardano Invests in AID:Tech


We are thrilled and excited to announce that Emurgo Ventures, the official commercial arm of Cardano invests in AID:Tech to support the launch of Volunteer & Earn. You can Volunteer, Earn and even Donate with Kaulana, AID:Tech’s new Web3 wallet which helps you build an Onchain reputation.

EMURGO is the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. They worked with the Republic of Uzbekistan to develop a framework for security token offerings & exchanges, worked with Blue Korintji Coffee, a quality-focused Indonesian coffee brand, and worked on Yoroi Wallet, which allows users to manage Cardano ADA on their phones. The Cardano wallet has 35,000 downloads and 30% of the Cardano blockchain network is secured with over 500 MMUSD.

We will be publishing our Kaulana wallet in the upcoming months, and we celebrate our partnership with Emurgo to be involved in the Cardano ecosystem.

Many people want to volunteer, but only a quarter of willing people actually do. AID:Tech is here to change it — building the first-ever Proof of Reputation Protocol (PoR). If you have not joined our Kaulana waitlist yet, join now and be an early adopter: https://www.aid.technology/kaulana#waitlist

We are focused on rewarding and compensating Volunteers and you can earn, and if you want, you can even donate your earnings from this volunteering to your favorite charity. For the first time, tokens can be allocated to people in a Sybil-resistant way — as an incentive for users to participate. This leading investment from Emurgo will open the doors for AID:Tech in the Cardano ecosystem and involve us with a larger circle.

Check out our press release for further reading.

More exciting news to come, keep watching our Medium and other social channels!

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Waitlist: https://www.aid.technology/kaulana#waitlist
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