AID:Tech at Cardano Summit 2022


AID:Tech were represented at the 2022 Cardano Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland by Co-Founders Joseph Thompson & Niall Dennehy. Joseph and Niall had the pleasure of meeting with many of the Cardano community and attended a number of events over the course of the summit.

Joseph and Niall at the conference center
RealFi Alliance Inaugural Event

First up was the inaugural meetup of the Cardano RealFi Alliance.

“The point of RealFi is to serve real people real finance, and thus be able to innovate and do interesting things.” — Charles Hoskinson

The RealFi event was organised by Peter Van Garderen. Peter is the project lead for Landano, Orcfax & Arkly. We discussed real world use cases, the creation of financial value for real people, and the key differentiator between Cardano and other blockchain platforms.

Like IOG, we see the integration of identity on Cardano as a way to create real value and opportunity for people across the globe

Emurgo booth at 2022 Cardano Summit

Our investor and partner EMURGO put a great booth together and we were very proud to see AID:Tech showcased as a flagship project! Emurgo also announced the launch of USDA, as part of the new Anzens platform. USDA USDA is a stable asset providing Web3 companies and organizations a shelter from market volatility. USDA aims to bring more opportunities for yield farming and liquidity on DEXs.

Here’s Emurgo’s Managing Director of Fintech Vineeth V Bhuvanagiri on Stablecoins at the Cardano Summit 2022:

In addition, Niall spoke on a panel with Jeremy Firster & Mel McCann of the Cardano Foundation, Ricardo Garcia of ScanTrust & The GoodChain Foundation, as well as Jack Krosinski of Oceidon Corporation. The panel discussed why decentralisation still matters and some of the upcoming projects in 2023, including AID:Tech’s plans to bring Volunteer & Earn to Cardano!

Niall Speaking on panel

All in all, it was a very successful event for AID:Tech and we were very fortunate to have the wider team gather in Geneva for a team meet-up. Despite a very heavy workload ahead of a project launch, the team (as usual) did an amazing job bringing everything together to set us on a very successful path for the end of the year, and into 2023!

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Disclaimer: This article includes some forward-looking statements made in light of information available at the time of preparation. None of the statements made here are financial advice, always DYOR.

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