Our Core Platform

Enables Users to directly receive, send and manage digital entitlements like welfare and donations. Entitlements are made available by our partners including governments, corporate, charities & NGOs.

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     “ By partnering with a company as innovative and ambitious as AID:Tech, we hope to empower those who donate to track their donations and in turn further promote transparency in the sector. We want to become the benchmark for the donation process, and our relationship with AID:Tech provides us with that opportunity. ”

 Killian Raynor

The Irish Red Cross


Data from the blockchain thus offers unprecedented clarity over distribution of resources whether it is from organisation to peers, or peer-to-peer. It is now possible for service providers and stakeholders to evaluate and act upon reliable, secure data, from the beginning till the end of value chains – even as far as users’ last-mile expenditure.


Digital Assets

Digital assets represent goods, products and services that AID:Tech’s partner organisations make available to intended users. For every item listed on the platform, there is an associated fiat value. At the point of sale (when sending or donating), digital asset to the same value of the item is created and transferred directly to intended recipient (or beneficiary).



Reports are available for all types of users, including senders/donors, recipients/beneficiaries and admins.


For admins in particular, reports detail transactions associated with the organisation and can be sorted, filtered and exported (csv and pdf) for ease of use.


POS Integration

AID:Tech’s Transparency Engine acts as a close loop system that encompasses the entirety of value transfer cycle, from distribution, spending to settlement. A cashier’s POS is integrated with AID:Tech’s distributed ledger network. This means that at the point of check
out, items scanned can be seamlessly documented on the blockchain – aligning with store inventory and seamlessly contributing to the data gathering process.

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