“ By partnering with a company as innovative and ambitious as AID:Tech, we hope to empower those who donate to track their donations and in turn further promote transparency in the sector. We want to become the benchmark for the donation process, and our relationship with AID:Tech provides us with that opportunity. ”

 Killian Raynor

The Irish Red Cross

The Future of Charitable Giving



Using BlockChain Technology

Receive Real-time Notifications

Immediate updates via SMS and E-mail whenever your donation is used

Donate to Individuals

Donate to Groups

Donate to Appeals

Blockchain-based Digital Identity

TraceDonate is powered by AID:Tech. At the core of AID:Tech’s solutions is the blockchain-based unique digital identity that allows users to transfer, hold and use digital assets.

Automatically Build a Personal Dashboard as you Donate

Data Analysis

Trace Donations

Recurring Donations

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