Welcome to our new Chief Strategy Officer - Ric Shreves

AID:Tech is thrilled to announce our latest strategic hire: Ric Shreves. Ric has joined the team as our Chief Strategy Officer and brings with him a depth of experience in humanitarian relief and expertise in Distributed Ledgers and Digital Currencies.

Prior to joining us, Ric served as the Director of Emerging Technology for the international humanitarian Mercy Corps. In that role, he led the agency’s exploration of new tech, including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Identity. He also served on the Technical Steering Committee of the Diem Association. Ric is a frequent speaker on blockchain for good and a published author.

In this newly created role, Ric will be spearheading AID:Tech’s efforts to merge Identity with Payments, and bridge the gap between centralised and decentralised finance. Ric will also lead the company’s growth in the US including recruiting new hires and opening AID:Techs US HQ.

Stay tuned for more news as we look to ramp up operations in the wake of closing our Series A fundraising round!