Proof of Reputation Protocol (PoR) is a decentralized ecosystem built on a Proof of Stake(PoS) Network which is designed to facilitate trust-based interactions.

The protocol rewards contributions through proven state-of-the-art blockchain architecture and Volunteer And Earn (VAE) tokens.

VAE Rewards

VAE Token is a form of compensation that enables volunteers to liquefy some of the value they have created into an exchangeable currency ($VAE)


Processes and secures payments on the network, generating gas fees which accrue to holders


VAE is a staking mechanism for our Proof of Stake (PoS) Network


In-app currency for volunteer networks, their members and affiliate organisations.

Reputation & Rewards

We use a reputation and reward structure so that the token can be used to fulfil activities such as rewarding volunteering in the network and also building their underlying reputation.

In order for PoR to maintain signalling value and incentivize high-quality participation, it must be somehow linked to users’ contributions and volunteerism.

To create a form of liquid value attached to DID NFT, VAE tokens should accrue to DID NFT holders through rewards, where each DID NFT holder is awarded VAE tokens based on the contributions they make.