Deployed in April 2018 in partnership with PharmAccess Foundation from the Netherlands.

Across the world, especially in the developing world, deaths continue to occur because of a lack of access to skilled, routine and emergency care rather than incurable diseases. In sub-Saharan Africa, the risk of maternal death is 1 in every 38, in comparison to 1 in every 3,700 in the developed world.


Whilst the growth of healthcare availability is fast and extensive, this takes place alongside mounting pressure to demonstrate impact, efficiency and value. Compounded by a lack of digital infrastructure, there continues to be persistent challenges in capturing, managing, and disseminating data, whether it is to aid end users, practitioners, stakeholders or donors.

“The first ‘blockchain baby’ is here.”


Provided women with AID:Tech digital ID that links their newborns' data to mothers; establishing a lifelong and irrefutable connection between the two


Establish routine care with alerts and notifications of any missed treatments


The mother’s personal medical profile automatically records visits she makes and every treatment she receives


Stakeholders can see how funding is being utilised, whether it is on supplies, equipment or treatment


Gain complete transparency over medical supply chain in the region