Women’s World Banking and AID:Tech are deploying a new technology platform to drive the acceleration of Women’s World Banking’s Caregiver microinsurance solution to two million uninsured and underinsured women in more than ten emerging markets.

Caregiver is a simple, affordable microinsurance product that provides life protection and a cash benefit after hospitalization, including for maternal health, that customers can use for a range of needs, including for lost wages or having to close their businesses. Unlike traditional medical insurance in which the insurance plan reimburses for the cost of medical treatment and the money goes to the provider, Caregiver pays cash directly to the claimant.

• Successfully launched in Uganda, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and India (currently in pilot)

• Covered over 2 million lives

• Paid over 120,000 claims

• Each year more than 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty in order to pay for health services, as per the World Health Organization.

• <20% population in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are covered by the social security schemes