Deployed in partnership with Irish charity the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Ireland in March 2016.

Sustainability in social welfare poses as one of the greater dilemmas for public sector entities in the immediate future.

In 2016-2017 alone, the UK government spent £217 billion on welfare and pensions for its citizens. However, a total of £3.3 billion, out of the total benefit expenditure, was overpaid due to fraud and error in 2016.

Compounded by changing user demand and funding pressure, there is rapidly growing interest in leveraging innovative technologies to overhaul welfare systems to address scalability and sustainability issues across the world.

• AID:Tech digital ID provisioned to Irish travelling communities

• Digitally delivering welfare to women head of households (addressing gender issues in pre-existing distribution methods)

• Recipients used AID:Tech Digital IDsto obtain goods from SvP stores

• Every transaction recorded is anonymised and documented as traceable entries on the blockchain; building clean, structured data

• SvP successfully delivered targeted welfare in a transparent manner whilst eliminating the margin of fraud and reducing administrative inefficiencies in the process